Campaigns We Run

Donate excess food at the gate entrance for Oz Harvest, which will distribute items to over 70 charities in the greater ACT region. Details

Decorations with kids’ handmade lanterns
Kids can see the fruits of multiculturalism by making their own lanterns, especially upon seeing their crafts used at the festival. Participating schools include North Ainslie Primary School, Dickson College, St John Paul II College and Radford College.

Look after our environment
We are working with ACTSmart to raise environmental awareness. This includes encouraging our vendors to use recyclable materials and providing waste-sorting bins on site.

Keep your mother tongue
Libraries ACT and the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific have set up a bilingual storytelling corner where picture books will be read in English and 12 Asian languages with the assistance from the ACT Community Language School Association and ACT Bilingual Education Alliance. 

Share your idea and knowledge 
A two-hour session between 4:30-6:30pm on Saturday will be held for people keen to express their amazing ideas and initiatives. Contact us about your brilliant ideas to learn more.

Show yourself and shine:
Two contests will be held. The “Costume Cat Walk” is a chance for you to dress up in cultural clothes, manga-inspired outfits or other creative costumes. Contestants can sign up via our website. The “Canberra’s Got Talent” contest gives our local artists an opportunity to show their talents on stage to the public and be judged by a panel comprising: Lucy Sugarman, a top-four finalist on The Voice2017; Andrew Rickard, who has over 40 years in the entertainment industry; and Woody Wang, a musician and music teacher with over 12 years’ experience.

Community fundraising
Communities and associations from China, Malaysia and Vietnam will organise cultural fun activities to allow visitors to know a bit more of their culture while fundraising for their own community associations.  Communities involved include the Fujian Townsmen Association of ACT, The Association of Malaysian Student Association, Federation Vietnamese Association of ACT, Chinese Student Association and Canberra City Band.