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Canberra Moon Festival (CMF) is the FIRST multi-Asian cultural festival event in Canberra.


Moon Festival (aka Mid-Autumn Festival) itself in the lunar calendar celebrates harvest and reunion in many Asian cultures. CMF intends to present the concept of “One Community, One World, One Big Family” to our beloved multicultural capital city. It is created to become a cultural sensation and tourist attraction for not only Asians to celebrate the festival but also all Canberrans and visitors across Australia - the ”September National Multicultural Festival”. 


This year CMF is expecting to entertain 35,000+ guests over 3 days (Friday 8 - Sun 10 September) with fun, educational and family-friendly programs for all ethnic and age groups. Activities range from a DJ disco night, ongoing professional and community performances, and exotic and local food/drink stalls to family-friendly amusement facilities.

We believe: we are all one race - the human race, residents of the earth
We support: the sustainable running of the world
We provide: a platform for local artists, performers, and cultural groups to showcase their valuable cultural legacies and their talents in different ways to express the importance of the unity of the world




2016: The concept of CMF was initially formed as a prototype event run by a voluntary operating team - the precursor of the current CMF organiser.


2017: Eastar Media, Event & Marketing (non-profit) was established and CMF launched officially.


2018: Canberra Moon Festival evolved and became a 3 days event.


2019: Fun Canberra was established. 

​2020-2021: COVID break

2022: Canberra is back after covid! It was a great success

2023: Surpass our previous success and create an even larger and more remarkable event! Let's do it together! 

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